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[EN] Server Rules

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1. Key points:

1.1 This server is free. Accordingly, the administration deals with them exclusively at his own expense and exclusively on their own.

1.2 The collected donations are directed to the development of the game server and are non-refundable.

1.3 The administration as an opportunity to help solve problems.

2. Policy administration:

2.1 Ignorance or misunderstanding of the rules is no excuse for violating them.

2.2 Any changes in the rules have a retroactive effect, unless otherwise specified.

2.3 Server system is not case-law, that is, the existence of a precedent does not guarantee its repetition.

2.4 Server Administration does not guarantee reliable performance in service delivery and service, and is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to users as a result of failures in communication lines, the erroneous use of services, software defects, and other actions that may cause undesired situations.

2.5 Server Administration is not involved in issues related to the purchase or sale of the characters, the game inventory items.

2.6 Administration reserves the right to dispose of all the game objects on all accounts at its discretion.

2.7 Prohibited buy / sell game values for real money.

2.8 prohibited the purchase / sale / exchange of the characters, even play money.

2.9 Prohibited exchange of values between the game servers.

2.10 All accounts belonging to one player may be subject to sanctions for violating the rules on one of them.

2.11 Trying violations may amount to the commission of the violation.

3. Administration of the server reserves the right to:

3.1 refuse to provide services without explanation.

3.2 Evaluate the users action and to impose on them any sanctions in cases not covered by these rules, if it deems it necessary.

3.3 To consider and take decisions on the collective requests from users.

3.4 Make changes to these rules without user consent.

3.5 Make changes to the server and services on your own.

4. Characters and accounts:

4.1 Be sure to include a valid e-mail upon registration. Accounts with a non-existent address after a possible loss of non-refundable.

4.2 The names of the characters must be meaningful, readable and pronounceable.

4.3 Use psevdokirillitsy and other distortions are not recommended.

4.4 recommend that you write the names according to English grammar. The first letter of the name of the title, the rest lowercase.

4.5 Prohibited obscene, defiant, offensive or disturbing gameplay names or titles. These characters can be deleted without warning.

4.6 It is forbidden to use the name (or title) of the character names of the NPC, the administration of the characters' names, and the names that are on the list of prohibited for use.

4.7 The account owner is fully responsible for everything that has been made from his account.

4.8 We do not recommend sharing account, as well as the transfer of your account to another person in order to avoid situations that might lead to such actions.

5. Gameplay:

5.1 It is forbidden to perform any actions that may interfere with gameplay, or lead to unstable work of the server. Also prohibited withholding information about such actions.

5.2 prohibited swearing, profanity, insults, threats, extortion, blackmail, sexual harassment, incitement of inter-ethnic, inter-class or racial hatred, etc. etc..

5.3 It is forbidden to impersonate representatives of the administration server.

5.4 It is forbidden to demand from the other players in the information which they consider sensitive.

5.5 Prohibited disrespectful reference to the administration server, as well as discussion of the administration actions in the game. Challenging the administration action is permitted only through the forum.

5.6 Prohibited blooming rumors, misinformation about the server and administration.

5.7 It is forbidden to call the server players to action, leading to the destabilization of the project.

5.8 It is forbidden to beg, to exasperate the request of other players or server administration.

5.9 Prohibited flood, spam, repetition of a single line with the exception of the purchase of items or search party, advertising and anti-advertising.

5.10 Chatting party, guild and alliance governed by leader of the party group or alliance. Compliance with Article 5.2 of the rules of administration is not controlled in these channels.

5.11 Prohibited any kind of fraud.

5.12 It is forbidden to use the programs, scripts or hardware that disrupt the normal operation of the server software.

5.13 It is forbidden to write about the withdrawal from the server, or encourage other players to stop playing.

5.14 On game shortcomings allowed to write only on the forum in the relevant section, in compliance with the rules of this section.

6. Forum:

6.1 Language Forum is considered to be Russian. Do not use transliteration and psevdokirillitsu on the forum. Messages that contain them are deleted without being read.

6.2 prohibited swearing, profanity, insults, threats, extortion, blackmail, sexual harassment, incitement of ethnic, racial or inter-class hatred and so forth and so on.

6.3 Prohibited flood, spam, writing one word per line, the repetition of a single line, advertising and anti-advertising.

6.4 Prohibited blooming rumors, disinformation about server administration, on the other players.

6.5 It is forbidden to demand from the administration server to request to make changes. You have every right to propose any changes, or, supported by strong arguments.

6.6 Not allowed to post screenshots / images containing text that violate these rules. All screens are available in drug administration.

6.7 Discussion Forum moderation is permissible only in the LAN from the forum administration. Other discussions will be deleted.

6.8 It is forbidden to write messages or create topics during the current ban on posting or ban.

6.9 Discussion moderation game chat is permitted only in the specially created for this topic.

6.10 is prohibited to publish data on the game account (login, password, e-mail).

7. Communicating with server administration.

7.1 Asking questions is recommended to display.

7.2 When communicating with the administration server player must briefly, clearly and without the use of slang to talk about their problem or answer questions posed by the administrator.

7.3 Do not use transliteration.

7.4 It is forbidden to ask the administrator to do anything that is not part of his duties.

7.5 If the answers to the questions of the administrator is prohibited withholding information, false, misleading.

7.6 It is forbidden to call the administrator for no reason, obstruct and distract from the duties of administrator.

7.7 The administration does not respond to questions about the gameplay in Skype or drugs.

7.8 Spelling, grammatical and stylistic errors in handling the administration considered a particularly serious offense.

8. In case of loss of game values:

8.1 If this is due to a security breach or an internal server error, the administration of possible returns things to the victims.

8.2 In case of violation of paragraph 4.8 (shared account) administration is not responsible.

8.3 For voluntarily transferred the administration is not responsible.

9. In case of violation of the rules the server, Server Administration may apply the following sanctions against violators of the game account:

9.1 Deleting your account - Removal from the account server, with all the characters being on it. Can be applied to all accounts the player immediately.

9.2 Removal of the character - Deleting a certain character in the server account.

9.3 Ban account - temporarily or permanently block the use of your account. Can be applied to all accounts the player immediately.

9.4 Confiscation - Complete or partial confiscation of property with a character or all characters belonging to the player.

9.5 Blocking access to a specific computer. Can be applied to all accounts the player immediately.

9.6 Other actions.

10. In case of violation of rules and offline server, Server Administration may apply the following sanctions against violators forumnym accounts:

10.1 Removal of forum account.

10.2 Removal of forum posts yet.

10.3 Issuance of a temporary or permanent ban on posting (it is the same: ReadOnly, RO, RO) on account of forum.

10.4 Temporary or permanent ban on the entry of forum forum account, or IP-address to the forum (ban).

10.5 The sanctions listed in paragraphs 9.1-9.6.

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