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Dear friends, we have update on our server.

Everyone should definitely update the client via Launcher.exe before January 16 (Saturday).

Those who do not update the client after the specified period will not be able to enter the game without updating!

-Added the ability to receive VIP through the game, that is, starting from the 2nd GR, all players will receive instead of
200 Elysium Coins, as many as 1000 Elysium Coins. It works through the GR, that is, 2-4-6, etc.

--Increased DL PVM defense(from 12.01)

-Increased PVM defense for BK (from 12.01)

-Damage in PVM for SUM + 10% (from 12.01)

-Decreased Stuck ( from reflex) all classes.

-Reduced CPU load.

-Fixed / changed some skills,
in particular Twisting Slash (under development).

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